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Data Visualization for Effective Communication

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About This Course

Welcome to Data Visualization for Effective Communication! Data visualization skills are essential in academic and business environments. In this course you will learn data visualization principles and techniques that will help you to organize and present data in an efficient and professional way. Your data visualization skills will be improved after this course. After this course you will be able to achieve effective communication by applying the most appropriate data visualization process and steps. You will be able to apply various professional tools that make static and dynamic visualizations. In the first week, you will learn basics of data visualization and representation. You will also learn the design process and steps to achieve the best representation for your data. In the second week, static data visualization will be introduced. You will also learn how to obtain the most from your data visualization. In tutorial you will finally understand how to apply the static data visualization techniques by using Datawrapper web based tool. In the third week, interactive and dynamic data visualizations will be introduced. You will learn how to evaluate the different dynamic visualizations and how to apply the new principles to your data representation. In tutorials we will introduce you two professional tools: Microsoft Power BI and Tableau software to create a dynamic dashboard and interactive map.

Course Staff

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Dr. LI, Kristen Yuanxi

Department of Computer Science, Hong Kong Baptist University