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You Can Know - AI

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About This Course

This course is designed as a General Education course. It aims to introduce to students without computing background some key concepts and recent development in Artificial Intelligence which are making significant impact in our daily life.

It first provides an overview on key milestones in the development of human-like machines and A.I., as well as their real-life applications. Safety and ethics related issues will also be addressed in the earlier part of the course. Then, some basic concepts and principles enabling A.I. programs to play chess and to learn like human-being will be introduced. Representative A.I. systems like DeepBlue and AlphaGo will also be briefly covered. Students will be shown to gain hands-on experience in creating an A.I. chatbot and work on a project related to some A.I. technologies found in Scifi movies.


Homework 40%.

Hands-on Exercise - A.I. Chatbot 10%.

Final Project 50%.

Course Staff


Department of Computer Science

Dr. William K. Cheung

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